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  Water Bath Shaker
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Water Bath Shaker

These Water bath Shakers have wide applications in Biotechnology, Micro-Biology, Chemistry, Quality Control and other life sciences laboratories.
The units are double walled with exterior body and insulation in between. The stainless steel bath has size of 355 mm (W) x 300 mm (D) x 165 mm (H). A special pyramid type cover provided avoids evaporation of water and makes condensed water to fall back in the bath. A cock is provided to facilitate draining of Bath contents.

The removable stainless steel tray houses lotus clamps for variety of flask capacities. Standard units are supplied with tray accommodating 12 flasks x 100 ml. Trays with the following capacity are available optionally.

50 ml x 12 flasks 150 ml x 9 flasks
250 ml x 6 flasks 500 ml x 4 flasks
1000 ml x 2 flasks 2000 ml x 1 flask
Test Tube racks

Salient Features

> Inner chamber and outer body of SS 304
> Heating up to 95°C
> Di g i t a l Temp e r a t u r e I n d i c a t o r c um Controller with precise accuracy of ±1°C
> A Shaking speed range from 40 to 180 strokes special pyramid type cover provided avoids per min
>Stroke length 25 mm

Supply: 220-240 Volts 50 Hz Single Phase.

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