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 Napkin Incinerator 
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Napkin Incinerator

Bioline Technologies markets products for personal hygiene. It Includes 'Saniclean 2000’ Sanitary Napkin Burning Incinerator. Bioline combines product excellence with comprehensive after sales service. Our uniqueness is to develop products that address every single requirement in most cost effective way. The designing and manufacturing is done under the guidelines of GMP/UNICEF /MOEF /Ministry of Water & Sanitation and medical device standard ISO 13485.

As technology continues to evolve, Bioline Technologies will keep abreast of the latest industry standards while maintaining technical support for previous generations of technology. And that is our motto. 

Model SaniClean 2000

  • Easy to operate, maintain & works automatically on preset cycle every day.
  • Napkin Disposal Machine is incorporated with a temperature controller which works on ON / OFF system to keep the temperature constant throughout the process.
  • Napkin Disposal Machine is having an emission outlet the room for the fumes developed during the Incineration.
  • Napkin Disposal Machine is lightweight & can be fixed on the wall with easy installation for the convenient use in the toilets.
  • Napkin Disposal Machine is used to destroy soiled sanitary napkins both scientifically & hygienically.
  • The Incinerator can be installed inside the room with SMOKE REMOVAL UNIT with absolute zero emission.
  • The ash is collected in a tray present at the bottom of the Incinerator.
  • The duration to destroy 20 Napkins is approximately half an hour.
  • Low power consumption & can work on invertors.
  • Only CE marked Product.

Where to use

  •  Hostels/ Resorts / Tourist
  • Girls school  & colleges
  • Airports, Railway & Bus station
  • Public Toilets
  • Hospitals,
  • Waiting / Rest rooms
  • Shopping mall & complexes
  • Spinning mills, factories
  • Offices IT companies them parks.
  • Waiting / Rest rooms
  • Movie malls
  • Women Hostels.

Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine

Key Points:

  • Our Vending Machine can be calibrated to accept coins of any country.
  • Our Vending Machine can be catered to specifications of the Sanitary Napkins of any brand.
  • Our Vending Machine can be solar operated, manufactured for areas with no power supply.

Advantages of SANI-Vend:

  • Immediate access to napkins anytime of the day to meet the menstrual emergencies.
  • Self dispensing of the Napkin at the drop of coin.
  • Saves the embarrassment of seeking napkins in the peer group or from authorities.


  • High solid state Electronic Technology
  • Battery Backup for 10 days.
  • It also works on Solar Energy (Optional).
  • Available in various Models.
  • Coin mechanism programmable for various denominations.
  • Physical inspection window for availability of Napkins
  • Wall Mountable.

Technical Specification:

  • Housing: Mild Steel Powder Coated
  • Model: SANI Vend
  • Product Value: Programable - Coin Operated
  • Capacity: 100 Napkins
  • Dimension (WxHxD): 566x105x540mm
  • Net Wt.: 15 Kg.
  • Watts: 5W
  • Power: 110V/220V
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Where to Use:

  • Hostels/Resorts/Tourist
  • Girls Schools & Colleges
  • Airports, Railway & Bus Station
  • Public Toilets
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping Malls & Complexes
  • Spinning Mills, Factories
  • Offices
  • IT Companies
  • Theme Parks
  • Waiting/Rest Rooms
  • Movie Malls
  • Women Hostels

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