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  Fuji Computed Radiography or X ray systems
X-ray & Dignistic Equipments



Fuji Computed Radiography or X ray systems

FCR has remained the leader in the field for more than 25 years. FCR is a premium digital X-ray solution, offering the broadest product line to suit the requirements of nearly every imaging application. FCR’s leadership position is driven by uncompromised image quality, continued investment in technology innovation, development of systems with the highest productivity, and system implementation through the most experienced group of Professional Service individuals in the industry. FCR is the best possible solution for transition to digital at both large and small facilities.



This product is one of the most compact and lightweight image readers on the market. Yet,it is equipped with a state-of-the-art image processing function.

> Compact footprint, only 0.24m2
> Stable and optimized images
> Flexible reading in various sizes
> Through put of up to 29 images an hour
> Repeated use of IP



High-quality and compact FCR for a broad range of diagnostic imaging. Small enough to fit almost anywhere – footprint 0.22 m2.

> Small enough to fit anywhere - footprint 0.22 m2, height 0.81 m
> Easy operations viewed on small monitor
> Supports various diagnostic imaging sizes (7 sizes including 15 x 30 cm)



Introducing a newly upgraded FCR CAPSULA XLII designed with a new form and equipped with state-of-the-art function including an optional capability of 50-micron reading with a single-side HR-IP

> Worldwide, extensive experience results in confidence for FCR
> Compact frame and vertical cassette insertion for effective work space
> Compact with high efficiency
> All-in-one unit for all diagnostic imaging needs
> Featuring Image Intelligence™ Processing




The VELOCITY U is simply the fastest FCR upright image reader ever. A mere two seconds after initial exposure, each digital image begins to display, attaining its consistently high final quality only seven seconds later. A devised Imaging Plate (IP) enables an industry-leading 240 IP/hour throughput speed, automatically and efficiently handling everything from X-ray exposure and image reading/processing, to data transfer into image recorder and hardcopy output. Such speed and capacity with no compromise on renowned FCR quality is made possible through newly developed HD LINESCAN technology that employs a large-sized CCD unit.

> Unequalled 240 IP/hr throughput in a compact design
> Uncompromised quality made by new HD LINESCAN technology
> Convenient name checker display indicating patient name



The VELOCITY T is the ideal choice for digital supine-position examinations. Patients as well as operators will appreciate the versatile tabletop, which adjusts vertically to ease mounting and dismounting, and horizontally to optimize exposure position. Quality has been further enhanced with the adoption of HD LINESCAN technology. Workflow is easier than ever, too, with a variety of user options such as adjustable and exposure ready indicator lamps.

> Excellent quality made possible by the new HD LINESCAN technology
> The pullout exposure unit enables examinations for upper and lower extremities
> Supports patient weights of up to 230kg on the table


FCR XG5000

Our most versatile FCR reader to date the FCR XG5000 has been engineered and designed for even greater user friendliness and efficiency, making it the ideal choice for general-purpose diagnostic needs.

> All-purpose FCR with high-efficiency and convenience
> Convenient stacker accommodating four cassettes at once
> Compact design and footprint of 0.48 m2



FCR PROFECT ONE is a state-of-the-art one-stacker FCR for high-resolution digital mammography and pediatric imaging. With up to 48 images per hour scanned by Dual-Side Reading, it is a great choice for small- to medium-sized facilities demanding premium image quality or placing it as a back up unit of PROFECT CS.

> Superior image quality with 20 pixel/mm scanning pitch and FUJIFILM's revolutionary Dual-Side Reading Technology
> Ideal for premium image applications such as mammography and pediatric imaging
> Compact design FCR - footprint 0.48 m2, height 1.33 m




FCR PROFECT CS, FUJIFILM's latest mammography FCR reader will optimize your mammogram imaging needs. It is loaded with image optimizing features such as Dual-Sided Imaging Plates (IP) available in its super-fine resolution and unparalleled throughput speed ensuring full-spectrum mammography enhancement.

> Ideal for premium image applications such as mammography and pediatric imaging
> Convenient stacker accommodating four cassettes at once
> Compact design and footprint of 0.48 m2

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