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Mortury Cabinets

The idea behind development of the said Furnace is to help the people of the nation, population is increasing day by day. It is indeed a news of pleasure that the death rate is reducing but the number of cremation are increasing day by day.

As you as all know the common method of conventional cremation is by putting the dead on the wood pier and then set fire. The said systems have many negative points than the positives one of the religion. If you consider the damage to the atmosphere due to the improper combustion of the wood, which generates a high volume of harmful carbon monoxide, to the human being as well as to the nature.

Second major disadvantage is the consumption of wood, a survey says that to cremate a normal adult dead body you require around 300 kgs. of wood and to meet such requirement we also harm our forests and thereby disturbing the rain cycle due to thinning of forest land.


Now to compare the above cost with the cost of cremation in electricity operated cremation furnaces, it consumes around 200 kwh. For Cremation at the rate of 4 to 5 dead bodies per day. If we consider unit price Rs. 4=00 per unit, it will come to Rs. 800=00 per day to maintain the Temp. upto 650oC, (Recommended for the proper cremation). The cost of cremation in electrical works out to Rs. 200=00 per Cremation this will definitely too less compared to wood.

Above all the electrical crematoria gives a better, hygienic, nature friendly odorless cremation which are most required in the big cities. Where now a days crematoria grounds are in the center of the city.

Salient Features

Modern Design

"CECON FURNACES" are designed with the all modern design features, unlike our competitors. We never believe to enforce age old designed on our customers. The CECON cremation furnaces are built with the use of modern insulating material like ceramic fibre, high alumina element holding refractories, calcium silicate boards etc. to ensure low thermal losses and highest possible efficiency.

Sturdy Construction

The "CECON FURNACES" built to last longer than constructed with superior quality of mild steel sheets, Angles and Structural material of adequate thickness as per our standard practice to work under required heavy duty requirements of our valued patterns.

Best Performers

The "CECON" Cremation Furnaces are semi automatic and can be operated with ease. The door operates with the touch of button (Optionally). A unique temperature indicating controller can control the temperature inside the cremation specially designed clean-out tools, allow for quick and easy removal of remains from the chamber.

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