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Air Curtain

Cecon Air Curtains are scientifically designed air barrier to meet the present day concept of energy conservation. It maintains cool and clean inside atmosphere by isolating outer hot and dusty air in restaurants, computer room, production hall, O.T. room etc. while allowing free movement of man & material.

Simple in operation with electronically controlled low power consumption, Cecon Air Curtains are installed on the outer or inner side of door opening leading to clean or air conditioned room, while in operation, it creates a powerful invisible barrier of air across the entrance, thereby isolating the outer and inner atmosphere to prevent the entry of outside hot air, humidity, insects, foul smell, fumes, smokes etc., even while your door is wide open. Cecon Air Curtains are very effective in controlling air-conditioning cost even while there is free movement of men and material.

Main Features

> Light weight metallic body
> Electrically balanced centrifugal forward curve impellers for vertical drift
> Especially designed motors to balance air load and RPM
> Noise level less than 65db
> Continuous rating for non-stop operation
> Easy installation
> Maintenance free
> Mounting available for wood panel, aluminium panel, wall, ceiling and recess mounting
> Rust free enamel spray coating in contrast colours to suit any decors
> Available in different sizes and velocities


> Electronic Industry
> Pharmaceutical Industry
> Thermal Power Plant
> Food processing unit
> Soft-drink manufacturing plant
> Air-Conditioned Restaurant and hotel
> R & D Centres
> Hospital & Nursing Homes
> Control Rooms
> Electronic Exchange

Technical Data


Air Span

Air displacement





850 cfm

1/3 HP

150 W



1050 cfm

1/3 HP

150 W



1250 cfm

1/3 HP

150 W



1450 cfm

2x1/3 HP

300 W



1550 cfm

2x1/3 HP

300 W



2050 cfm

2x1/3 HP

300 W

 * 1440 RPM

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