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Sperm Analyser

> To increase patients reliablity by providing objective materials.
> To satisfy patients needs with easily understandable results.
> To differentiate your hospital service with high technoloty.


Sperm Concentration and Motility

> User friendly menu based on windows application program.
> Real time evalution of live sperms cells by a high resolution CMOS camera.
> Counted numbers of cells and fileds determined by users.
> Simultaneous display of live image and analyzed data on the monitor.
> Estimation of each sperm's moving pattern and velocity.
> Various analyzed data.
> Save and replay of sperms cells live image.
> Fast anaysis speed (2sec / 400 cells)
> Vaterinary application (option)


Sperms Cell Morphology

> Accurate analsis of morphology by high technology.
> Classification of stained sperm cells for morphology.
> Improved analysis speed (2 sec /10 cells).
> Report of the statictic data (normal, abnormal and border line).
> Magnification of each sperm cell for optimal morphology analysis.
> Application to high tach filtering method.
> Veterinary application (option)

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