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  Laboratory Freeze Dryers
Laboratory Equipments


Laboratory Freeze Dryers

Mini - Lyodel

This small bench top freeze dryer occupies very little space with an ice capacity of 1.5Kg. It is ideal for small volume drying and is cost effective. Mini-Lyodel is ideal for all freeze drying applications using 8-port column flask manifold as well as other accessories for vials and ampoules. Supplied with 100 LPM direct driven high vacuum pump.



The Lyodel model having an ice capacityof 5 Kg is a multi purpose freeze dryer. It can be used with a wide range of accessories used for flasks, vials, ampoules and bulk samples. With vertically positioned ice condenser, this bench top Lyodel model is easy to use with a front positioned bottom drain. Control Panel has digital indication for both Condenser Temperature and Vacuum Pressure. Vacuum pump of 200 LPM is supplied with this model. Both mini-Lyodel and Lyodel are also available with trolley.



Maxi-Lyodel is for high product volumes and long running time with an ice capacity of 18 Kg. It is suitable for multi-user operation in the laboratory or small-scale production. It has horizontal designed condenser and hot gas defrost system. With integral vacuum pumping, visible ice buildup and trouble free operation from interlocked controls, this unit is upgradeable to pilot plant.


Technical Specification of 3 basic models

Technical data   Mini-Lyodel Lyodel Maxi-Lyodel
Refrigerant Condenser        











Ice capacity 24 hrs







1.5 5.0 18.0
Ultimate Low temp. ± 5°C@20° ambient °C - 50 - 80 - 55 - 85 - 55 - 85

Condenser Matl of construction


SS 304

SS 304

Position   Vertical Horizontal
Compressor HP 1/4 2x1/4 1/3 2x1/3 3/4 2x3/4
Refrigerant   CFC Free
Vacuum indication   Digital pirani vacuum gauge with a range of 999 to 1x10-3 mbar
Vacuum pump Lit / min 100 200 250
Foot Space mmxmm 550x550 650 x850 550x 750 820x950 820x950 1000 x1000
Weight Kg 50 95 85 140 225 275
Input Power Supply   220 v,50 Hz,1 phase
Product code Description TemperatureRange
LYO1550 Mini –Lyodel -50°C
LYO1580 Mini –Lyodel - 80°C
LYO 0555 Lyodel - 55°C
LYO 0585 Lyodel -85°C
LYO1855 Maxi- Lyodel -55°C
LYO1885 Maxi-Lyodel -85°C

Lyodel Shelf Freeze Dryer

Delvacs' Lyodel Shelf Freeze Dryers are specially designed for flexible and reproducible production cycles.


  • Easy to use Separate stainless steel chamber/condenser
  • Hermetic type refrigerating compressor DD8, double stage oil sealed rotary pump
  • Digital vacuum and temperature indicators
  • Wide range of accessories that include also microprocessor for automatic control system
  • Compact size, supplied with trolley
  • Using Lyodel-Shelf, materials can be processed in a wide range of product containers with provision for sealing under vacuum or inert gas


For controlled freezing and drying of sensitive materials in vials or in bulk, Lyodel–Pilot Plant is the ideal choice. The unit is easy to use and has an integral refrigeration system allowing precise temperature control as well as reliable mechanical Stoppering.

Maxi-Lyodel is upgradeable into Lyodel-Pilot Plant by addition of a 3-Shelf Refrigerated chamber with Stoppering mechanism. The 3-Shelf refrigerated unit is designed to fit on top of the Maxi-Lyodel base unit, with no additional requirement of valuable floor space.

Vial loading trays

Single shelf loads can be stored, handled and ultimately slid on to this fence and tray accessory that is designed to maximize heat transfer by keeping the vial in direct contact with the shelf.

Bulk trays

Each stainless steel tray is capable of holding 2.5L of liquid. They are easy to clean, store and makes loading liquids very convenient.

Special feature

  • Product Uniformity from top to bottom
  • Product safety assured with accurate temperature control to ± 1°C
  • Non-carcinogenic inert cooling fluid for operator safety
  • Single phase operation without water cooling
  • Includes vial stoppering under vacuum or inert gas
  • Large shelf area (0.40m /4 ft ) from a small footprint
  • Complete with full instrumentation for process optimization and
  • pressure rise testing

Optional Accessories:

Isolation Valve; Bulk Trays; Spares Kit

Product code Description No of Shelves & Type
LYO1855RC3S Pilot Plant Standard Three fixed type with stoppering device
LYO1855RC3SB Pilot Plant ( bulk only)

Four fixed type with bulk trays

Freeze Dryer Accessories

SS Column (T) Manifold  ( 8-Port or 24 – Port )

8-Port or 24-Port Column Manifold is useful for drying of small volume of liquids in flasks. It is provided with quick seal valves for holding flasks up to 1 litre capacity. Manifold sealing gaskets and cone connectors are also supplied with this accessory.

Product code Description No of Valves

8-Port SS Column Manifold


FM0024 24 24-Port SS Column Manifold


SS Drum Manifold (12-Port or 16-Port)

Stainless Steel Drum Manifold is available in 12 as well 16-Port versions. Each port is supplied with quick seal valve for holding flasks. Top and bottom manifold sealing gaskets are also provided. Drum manifolds are also useful for bulk drying in trays and beakers inside the drum.

8-Port Acrylic Drum Manifold

8 - Port Acrylic Drum Manifold can be used with all three models of Lyodel.Manifold sealing gaskets are also supplied with this accessory.

Product code Description No of Valves

12-Port SS Drum Manifold


FM0016 16-Port SS Drum Manifold


FM0081 8-Port Acrylic Drum Manifold 8

Spin Freezer

Spin Freezer is useful for freezing & primary drying of samples in glass ampoules. By spinning ampoules, samples are frozen on the base unit without the need for pre-freezing. The centrifugal force holds the liquid sample in position and prevents frothing and bubbling during evaporation as the sample solidifies and sublimes. The spin freezer has an independent power supply and includes a timer to prevent spinner overrun after freezing. Removable rotor plates provided with system accept 5 different sized ampoules.


Secondary Drying Manifold (24 – port or 48 – port  or 96 –port)

To complete the cycle and seal ampoules in the best possible condition, secondary drying manifold is used. 48-Port Manifold can be doubled to hold 96 ampoules by using the additional manifold supplied with a 'T' piece for connection.


Ampoule Sealing Torch

Simple hand held Ampoule Sealing Torch is useful for flame sealing freeze dried ampoules under vacuum in combination with secondary drying manifold. This Torch does not require conventional gas cylinders or long hoses.

Product code Description
ADSP096 Spin Freezer with 5 interchangeable carriers
ADSM024 24-Port secondary drying manifold
ADSM048 48-Port secondary drying manifold
ADSM096 96-Port secondary drying manifold

Spark tester, for leak check of ampoules (Imported)


Hand held ampoule sealing torch


Adaptor for 12 ampoules (samples to be pre-freezed)

Vial Stoppering Shelf

Using Vial Stoppering Shelf, samples in vials can be processed and stoppered under vacuum. The unit has movable aluminium shelves inside acrylic vacuum chamber. Each shelf accommodates two semicircular SS trays, removable for dualpurpose (vials as well as bulk) freeze drying. The vials can be moved together for stoppering under vacuum via a capstan.

Product code Description

Vial Stoppering Shelf with 1 shelf & 2 trays


Vial Stoppering Shelf with 1 shelf & 2 trays

VS0036 Vial Stoppering Shelf with 3 shelves & 6 trays

Vial Stoppering Shelf with 4 shelves & 8 trays.

Isolation Value

The basic function of this manually operated isolation valve is to isolate the drying accessory and sample from the ice condenser and pump. This is also useful in injecting inert gas before sealing the vials and for determining the dryness of the sample by measuring the vapour pressure in the drying accessory.

Product code Description

Isolation Valve

Bulk Drying Accessory ( Chamber, Racks & Trays)

The system has acrylic vacuum chamber with lid and upto five shelf rack assembly and trays. The acrylic vacuum chamber gives a clear view of the product and transmits radiant heat energy for drying. It is easily sealed by drop on acrylic lid with lead through for heater accessories. A conveniently designed rack supports up to 5 one litre stainless steel trays, and is ready wired to accept low voltage, heater pads under each tray. The design allows selection of any tray & heater combination for maximum utilization. It can be easily lifted in and out of freezer units. This system can also be used with temperature control unit for careful control of drying rate.

Product code Description


Bulk rack assembly with acrylic cylinder to accommodate rack & 2 trays of 200 x 20 mm (dia x h)-For Mini Lyodel only

BA02230 Bulk rack assembly with acrylic cylinder to accommodate rack & 2 trays of 230 x 20 mm (dia x h)
BA03230 Bulk rack assembly with acrylic cylinder to accommodate rack & 3 trays of 230 x 20 mm (dia x h)
BA05230 Bulk rack assembly with acrylic cylinder to accommodate rack & 5 trays of 230 x 20 mm (dia x h)

Heater Control Unit

The heater control unit is a freestanding power supply unit designed to deliver a thermostatically controlled low voltage power supply to the heaters. The heat energy produced by the heater mat under each shelf enhances the drying rate.

Product code Description


Heater control unit

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