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 Powder Handling Unit
Clean Room Equipments

XIT Plus 800

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Powder Handling Unit

Ducted or Recirculatory Powder Safety Cabinets, provide the operator with a safe environment in which to weigh or handle powders:

The extensive range from Bigneat comprises the following powder weighing cabinet ranges, in order of size and performance.


Model Range

XIT Cabinets


  • Fan is pre-set between 0.3 and 0.5ms-1 depending on the application
  • Quiet operation
  • Ideal for a single balance
  • Compact size
Model Internal Dimensions mm External Dimensions mm
F3-XIT-S 415 (w) x 575 (d) x 455 (h) 440 (w) x 600 (d) x 650 (h)
F3-XIT-D 579 (w) x 506 (d) x 455 (h) 600 (w) x 520 (d) x 650 (h)

XIT Plus Cabinets


  •     Safe-change pre-filter can be bagged under negative pressure.
  •     Quiet operation.
  •     Fan speed is pre-set between 0.3 and 0.5ms-1 depending on the application.
  •     Vaneometer airflow indicator included.
Internal Dimensions mm ExternalDimensions mm
  XIT Plus 600   570 (w) x 520 (d) x 810 (h)   600 (w) x 570 (d) x 1145 (h)
  XIT Plus 800   770 (w) x 520 (d) x 810 (h)   800 (w) x 570 (d) x 1145 (h)
  XIT Plus 1000   970 (w) x 520 (d) x 810 (h)   1000 (w) x 570 (d) x 1145 (h)  
  XIT Plus 1200   1170 (w) x 520 (d) x 810 (h)   1200 (w) x 570 (d) x 1145 (h)

EXCEL Plus Cabinets

Excel Plus cabinets are for precision weighing applications - for protection from particles whilst weighing and handling powders. These cabinets incorporate aerofoil technology and graded rear back baffles ensuring reduced turbulence and precise control of air flow across the entire width of the working access.


  •     175mm height front access across full cabinet width
  •     Gentle non-turbulent flow prevents balance fluctuation and cabinet dead spots
  •     Angled front provides excellent vision of enclosed manipulations and user comfort
  •     Balance stability at 10-6 gm
  •     Electronic low airflow alarm
  •     Safe-change pre-filter can be bagged under negative pressure

Excel Plus Safechange Workstation

Safety Features

  • 'True Safechange Technology' eliminates the possibility of contamination either in the laboratory or upstream in ductwork and fan assembly.
  • Double layer filtration provides extra filter system integrity.
  • Visible and audible alarms alert user of unsafe flow conditions.
  • Fan speed compensation for variation in flow during the lifetime of the filter maintains cabinet performance.
  • Double hinged front visors can be opened for full access to the cabinet interior. Fan speed auto-increases to maintain working face velocity.

Technical Information

Excel Plus 1006
Excel Plus 1306 Excel Plus 1606
Ext Dimensions (wxdxh) mm 1027 x 811 x 956 1327 x 811 x 956 1627 x 811 x 956
Int Dimensions (wxdxh) mm   979 x 545 x 500 1279 x 545 x 500 1579 X 545 x 500
Sound Levels <60dBA
Lighting 2 x sealed fluorescent light units
Face Air Velocity 0.3m/s - 0.5 m/s
Electrical Supply 230V, AC, 50Hz, 5Amp, 1Ø or 110V, AC, 60Hz, 8Amp, 1Ø
HEPA Filtration 2 x double-layer HEPA filters (Grade H14)
CARBON Filtration* Chemcap™ filtration
ULPA Filtration* 2 x ULPA filters (Grade U16)
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