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Blood Transportation Box

This product is suitable to be installed on ambulance, blood transportation vehicle and vaccine transportation vehicle of medical organizations. It can be used in extremely hostile environment. Ambient temperature ranges from -2℃ to 43℃ and humidity can be above 80%



Temperature Control

• Microprocessor control and digital temperature display. Two temperature level: 4℃ or 22℃.
• Forced air cooling system. Internal temperature fluctuation is within ±1.5℃. Temperature ranges 2.5-5.5℃ when setting temperature is 4℃. Temperature ranges 20-24℃ when setting temperature is 22℃

Safety System

• Perfect alarming system: both buzzer alarming and flashing light alarming are available for over temperature, power failure, sensor error, abnormal power supply and high ambient temperature
• Inner-fixed storage battery provides power supply for temperature display, audible and visible alarm for 48 hours;
• Intelligentized microcomputer control, real-time supervision on electricity of vehicle. Giving priority to the power supply of vehicle or boat to guarantee transportation safety

Cooling System

• Imported Danfoss compressor and ADDA fan
• Forced air cooling system, good control of air flow and blowing rate make inner temperature stable and uniform
• Finned type evaporator effectively increases cooling area and speeds up cooling rate

Heating System

• Build-in heater strip has function of defrost and heating

Ergonomic Design

Double-layer blood baskets design for convenient use
Double-lock safety design and padlock can be used
LED display with 45 angle for easy observation
Super broad voltage design. Power selection with DC 12/24V and AC 100-240V, 50/60HZ
80 angle position limitation design of door
Foaming cabinet, cabinet and door are made in antibacterial material and convenient to clean
Water outlet design for easy clean of waste water in cabinet
Handle and caster design for convenient move and carry


Voltage(V/Hz) Power(W) Temp. range(oC) Capacity(L) Net /Gross Weight(Kg) Shelves/Baskets
DC12/24 DC75 4±1.5 80 58/65 -/4
AC100-240 /50~60 AC105 Or22±2      


Exterior Dimension(mm) Interior Dimension(mm) Packing Dimension(mm) Container Load (sets)
W 1060 570 1145
D 550 350 615
H 850 580 900
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