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Features of JBFS - 01 & JBFS -02

> Simple & cost effective fermenter system for colleges, universities, industries and research centers.
> Capacity of bottle is 1000ml which has working capacity 700ml
> Most commonly used for mass multiplication of bacterial and fungal cultures
> Used for development of seed medium
> Designed for aerobic fermentation.
> Systems is easily detachable for maintenanace.
> Minimum maintainance cost
> Effcient systems for R & D

Addional Features Of JBFS - 02


> Bottle has screw cap and top plates contain ports for temperature, air inlet, vent, sampling and additional feed.
> Baffles for effective mixing and to avoid vortex formation.


Temperature is indicate by indicator by use of PT 100 sensor.
Temperature is mainteined by temperature controller with the help of hot plate magnetic stirrer.


By applying positive pressure, sample can be taken at regular intervals to check growth pattern of micro organism and sterility testing

Additional Port

For adding acid, alkali, anti foam or any extra feed if required

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Features of JBFS - 01 & JBFS -02

> Simple and cost effective laboratory table top fermenter.
> Fermenter has 3.0 liters, 5.0 liters capacity, working volume is 2.0 liters, 3.5 liters respectively.
> Best for universities, colleges, industries and research centers
> Compact model and designed for mass multiplication of microorganism s under the control growth conditions
> Minimun maintenance cost
> Efficient for R& D


Additional Features

> Through touch screen pH, Temp, RPM, and Dissolved oxygen values can be set & process values are recorded.
> Set values are protected with the help of password to avoid changes during fermentataion process.
> PLC systems can be attachde to printer for continuous monitoring and recording of the parameters
> Results are printed with date and time so that the variations in the process can be recorded during the absence of the operator
> Time inteval for printing can be changes according to process requirement.
> Peristaltic pumps on time and off time values can be set for making homogenerity of the medium
> Systems plays important role for HMI (Human manchine Interface)

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