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 Plastic Waste Strudder
Waste Disposal System

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Plastic Waste Strudder

The biggest problem faced by all of us today is pollution caused by unsafe disposal of toxic & hazardous material. Since the materials like empty glucose bottles, hoses syringes, gloves etc when burnt, emit gases. Such materials have to be disposed off properly by alternate safe methods, which when thrown are collected and resold in a new packaging, giving the impression of a fresh one and results in the spread of deadly diseases amongst us. Cecon Shredder is designed to avoid such infections and make the environment pollution free.

The shredder shreds all kinds of waste like syringes, needles, glucose bottles, pet bottles of mineral water, plastic lumps, pellets, wood paper, cardboard etc.


Cecon Shredder consists of a shredding chamber which contains two counter rotating shafts fixed with circular blades with predetermined thickness, which may have one or more hooks depending on the material to be shredded. The material is fed through a hopper placed above the shredding chamber. The blades take material towards the center of the shredding chamber and as the material passes through the blades, it is shredded and falls in the container kept underneath the shredder.

Cecon Shredders are also provided with the system which stops the machine automatically in case of overloading and reverses the shaft's roational direction to free the blades from the material before automatically resuming its original "forward" running operation.


> Solid body structure and casing
> Low noise level
> Heavy duty gear
> Maintenance gear
> Unit is protected against overloads and equipped with fuses
> Auto reverse features with PLC control (optional)
> Pneumatic feed control (optional)
> Low budget machine


> Finishing & Producing Industry
> Hospitals / Nursing homes
> Bio – Medical Waste
> Laboratories
> Catering Industry
> Supermarkets
> Municipal Authorities
> Pharmaceutical Industry
> Plastic Industry
> Card Board Industry

Technical Specification

Machine Type

CWS - 200

CWS - 350

CWS - 450


1800 mm

1987 mm

1887 mm


500 mm

500 mm

500 mm

Cutter Inlet

220 x 250

350 x 250

460 x 250

Hopper Opening

420 x 420 mm

420 x 420 mm

420 x 420 mm

Motor Capacity

3 KW

5 KW

7.5 KW

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