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 Climate Control Chambers
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Climate Control Chambers


For the effective removal of chemical fumes, vapours and particulates.Typical uses in the laboratory include handling of acids and solvents,and any application or process involving toxic chemicals.


The new Bigneat cabinets are launched with the knowledge that their designfeatures and level of safety provided for the user makes them not only one of the SAFEST cabinets on the market, but also the most cost effective to
purchase and maintain.

Cabinet Features

> No ducting is required, therefore installation costs are kept to a minimum.
> Portability of Bigneat cabinets enables positioning in the optimum location, less walking around the laboratory
   thereby substantially reducing risk.
> Safer for the environment, no pollution to the atmosphere, filters are removed and bagged for documented and     accredited disposal.
> Quiet operation, less than 50 d(B)A and low power consumption.
> Low air flow and hour counter alarms.

Bigneat Horizontal Flow Workstations are ideal for use when working with chemicals, where there is a need for a strong horizontal airflow across the working surface. Air is drawn through rear baffles, before passing through the ChemcapTM filtration system, ensuring an even and non-turbulent flow pattern.This style of workstation offers exceptional working access and is ideal for applications such as dispensing from large containers.

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