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 - 60℃ Deep Freezer / Biofreeze 
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- 60℃ Deep Freezer / Biofreeze

This product is designed to store vaccines, blood plasma, biological materials etc. Applications could be found in the electronic and chemical laboratories epidemic prevention, hospitals, animal husbandry areas, blood banks and research institutes


• Microprocessor control, digital display of temperature
• Imported high efficiency Compressor, CFC-free Refrigerant
• Famous brand Fan, high density insulation foam
• Evaporator and Condenser system, guarantee freezing efficiency and uniformity of temperature
• Ergonomic design, more reliable and easy to operate

Temperature Control
• Microprocessor control, digital display of temperature, temperature in cabinet adjustable range: -20oC to -40oC
• Alarm when exceeding temperature range,memory function in case of power failure

Safety System
• Alarm conditions ( Higher or lower temperature alarm, Sensor malfunction alarm, power off alarm)
• Two kinds of alarm indicators ( Audible buzzing alarm, Visual flashing alarm)
• Start up delay protection.

Refrigeration System
• Danfoss compressor
• CFC-free refrigerant
• Germany EBM condenser fan
• High density insulation foam
• Evaporator as the shelves, freezing faster, better performance on conformity of temperature.

Ergonomic Design
• Double doors design with lock respectively, more convenient to store in assortment or more users
• Ingenious design of lock, adjustable on distance and power, can be fixed double padlock, more safety and reliable
• Door handle, easier to open and close
• Drawer, more convenient to use
• Broad voltage tolerance design, applicable for voltage range 198v~238v
• LED digital display for easy observation
• Equipped with lockable casters, easy to move
• Anti-corruption step cabinet design, applicable for various of baskets






Imported Forced-air Cooling Compressor
Designed for the low temperature experiments of electronic components and other special materials, for storage of blood plasma, biological materials, vaccines etc.
Used in research institutes, laboratories in electronic or chemical industries, blood banks, hospitals, epidemic prevention centres

Temperature Control
• Temperature adjustable range in Cabinet: -25oC ~ -40oC
• High & low temperature alarm can be set as required

Safety System
• Two alarm conditions ( higher or lower temperature alarm, sensor malfunction alarm)
• Two kinds of alarm indicators ( audible buzzing alarm, visible flashing alarm)

Refrigeration System
• Danfoss compressor and Germany EBM condenser fan support excellent refrigeration
• The temperature in cabinet can drop to -40oC in 25oC ambient temperature in 2 hours
• High density insulation foam guarantees the cabinet temperature effectively
• Reasonable design of evaporator and condenser guarantee perfect freezing performance
• CFC-Free refrigerant

Ergonomic Design
• Safety lock to prevent unauthorized access
• 40 Test hole for testing (DW-40W380 is exclusive)
• Broad voltage tolerance design, applicable for voltage range 198v~252v
• Anti-corruption step cabinet design, applicable for various of baskets




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