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  Laboratory High Speed Stirrers
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Laboratory High Speed Stirrers

AC /DC Lab Stirrers
Designed to meet requirements of laboratories demanding wide flexibility of stirring operations, these stirrers are available in various models. Choice of model will be dependant on the batch size /volume to be stirred.


Salient Features

> Multipurpose stirrers for general purpose & PUF stirring.
> Pulley driven / Heavy duty stirrers for polit plant, bench scale process & small batch production.
> Models also available with digital speed indicator for speed indication & process validation.

PMDC Lab stirrers

PMDC Stirrers are specially designed for routine laboratory work, research and development. QA analsis and sample preparations. Stirrers have uniform speed control with digital RMP indicator which goves speed read outs, valuable for applications where process validation and reproducibility required.

RQ-121/D. RQ-123/D and RQ-129/D models use direct drive motors & are ideal for day to day laboratoty use with aqueous & low viscosity liquids such as light oils.

Sailent Features :

> PMDC motor for powerful stirring.
> Reliable performance even in continuous use.
> Stepless eletronic speed regulator with digital display.
> Hollow shaft in geared models permotting height adjustment.
> Chuck for easy interchangeability of shaft.
> Strirring shaft SS346; Retort Rods SS304.

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