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  Fuji Film Screen systems and Pacs
X-ray & Dignistic Equipments



Fuji Film Screen systems and Pacs

Fujifilm Dry Imagers mark a revolutionary breakthrough in dry imaging. They all provide extraordinary imaging capabilities, from clear and precise images with high diagnostic value, to advanced image networking potential. From small clinics to radiology departments in busy general hospitals, there’s a Fujifilm DRYPIX imager exactly suited to every workload requirement.

General Usage Film

Super HR-T30/HR-U30

Super HR-T30 is a new high-contrast, high-resolution film for general radiography that provides consistently superb image quality. Super HR-U30 is a practical all-round film for general applications.


AD System for Chests

The Fujifilm AD System is an orthochromatic system that incorporates advanced technologies to provide high speed and sharpness with exceptionally low noise.

Mammography Film Systems

AD Mammography System

The Fujifilm AD Mammography System offers the latest film and screen technological advancements to ensure optimal image quality for mammographic applications. The system is designed to yield extremely high-contrast, D-max and sharpness with minimal noise.



UM-MA HC is a blue-base singleemulsion orthochromatic film for mammographic applications.

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