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   Vaccine Freezer ( 2 °C - 8°C )
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Vaccine Freezer

Purpose & Summarze

Typical installations are found in research institutes,blood banks, hospitals, epidemic prevention services, and livestock systems.

Temperature Control

> Mechanical temperature control.

> Digital temperature display.

> Adjustable temperature range from -10~ -25 ℃.


Refrigeration System

> Highly efficient Danfoss compressor.
> CFC-free refrigerants.
> Fully CFC-free polyethlene insulation.
> Superior cooling performance with opimized evaporator and condenser designs.

Ergonomic Design

> Storage Box designs for convenience of  vaccines and icepack.
> LED digital temperature display for easy obervation.
> Wide applicable voltage tolerance of 187 VAC to 242 VAC.
> Door handle design for easy operation.
Water drainage for easy cabinet cleaning.

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