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  Platlet Agitator with incubator
Blood Bank Equipments



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Platlet Agitator with incubator


a) Internal : Stainless steel min 304 grade
b) External : Corrosion resistant and bacterial Resistant coating / enamel finish
c)Transparent Door with clear view, plexiroll out door, roll out inside the chamber on opening the door with key lock.

  • Incubator has capacity to place agitator having capacity of 96 bags.
  • Refrigeration system is heavy-duty air cooled/forced air refrigeration system using non-CFC refrigerant.
  • Incubator provide stable controlled environment through microprocessor digital controlled system.
    Maintain the chamber temperature of 15 Degree C to 30 Degree C Iincubator have alarm system to provide protection & security.
  • It has both visual & audible warning if any temperature deviation beyond set limit detected.
  • Seven days temp. Recorder to provide independent and permanent record of chamber Temperature
  • Flat bed agitator has gentle side to side motion (1.5inch,38mm).
  • It has removable drawers for storage of any size platelet bag.
  • Complete air circulation across both surfaces of platelet bag.
  • Built in visual & audible motion alarm.
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