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Coagulometer-Model No-ABC2202

The coagulometer adopt the word  approved coagulometer test method;

The CPU adopt ARM technology to measure the motion of the magnetic ball to work out the coagulation time.

It can perform multiparameter simultaneously with better accuracy precision & repetition.



  • Double magnetic route, stable performance not liable to interface
  • Dot matrix LCD monitor
  • 100 parameter &1000 results can be saved
  • 58mm thermal printer
  • Reagent open , less consumption
  • Clock CMOS chip inserted
  • Standard 232 serial interface
  • Technical character

     Test method

     Double magnetic route

     Sample consumption

     < 200 uL

     Reagent consumption



     37 C+- 0.5uL

     Adding sample

     By a timing


     +-10%; CV <10%


     300 (depends on setting)



     Sample warming up position


     Reagent warming up position



     370(L) x 280(W) x 225(H) mm



    Test item

    Main test





     Rep T


     Pro C



     Pro S



     Coagulation factor






     AT III





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