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  Fully Automated Randon Access Bio-Chemistry Analyser
X-ray & Dignistic Equipments



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NOVA 2300

> Discrete, random access, fullyu automated.
> ≥ 250 test / hours without ISE.
> STAT samples can be inserted at random.
> Unattached reagent & sample probe, liquid level detection collision protection.
> On board reagent cooling system


System Function

> Throughput : Up to 250 tests/hours (not including ISE test)
> Test method : End-point, kinectic, fixed-time.
> Test sequences : Discrete, random access, STAT can be inserted at any time. Test sequence can be sorted by samples or items
> Spectrometer : Enclosed array of spectrometer and photodiodes, maintenance free.
> Cuvette washing : Auto wash the cuvettes through 8 segments washing pipe and continuous use them (optional)
> Reaction detect : Monitor 81 cuvettes reaction at the same time.
> Photometric process : The interval time between two consecutive photometric points are exactly the same.
> Pipeline system : Pressure auto released pumps and double filters to protect pumps and valves.
> Gearing : Plastic gear leads lower noise and accuracy of positioning of moving parts.
> Environmental resistance : Resistant from dust and water vapor.

Optical System

Light Source : 12 V, 20 W, Halogen lamp with lifetime more than 2000 hours
Spectrometer : Post spectrometer with arrayed and sealed filters, maintainsnce free
Wavelenght : 340nm, 405nm, 450nm, 510nm, 546nm, 578nm, 630nm, 670nm.
Absorbance range : 0 ~ 6

Reaction System

Cuvette : Permanent UV free glass cuvette
Reaction Disc : Discal reaction disc with 81 disposable cuvettes
Reaction Volume : 150 ul ~ 600 ul
Heater : Solid and sealed heater leads temperature raise rapidly and steady and maintenance free
Temperature : 37 degree C + /- 1 degree C

Sample System

Sample Volume : 2 ul ~ 300 ul, step by 0.1 ul
Sample Disc : 60 positions for primary tubes and secondary cups
Reagent Volume : 20 ul ~ 300 ul, step by 1 ul
Reagent Bottle : Particular raegent bottle without dead volume
Reagent coooling : Continuous cooling systems according to teh principle of peltier
Probe : Inner and outer walls are highly polished leads carry over < 0.1 % level detection and vertical and horizontal collision protection
Stirrer : Paddle stirrer coated with Telfon, stir immediately after sampling
Water Consume : Optimized item test sequence reinfirced washing process, lower the carry over avoid being clotted

Calibration / QC

Calibration Type : Single point linear, two point linear, multi points linear, logit - 4 P, Logit 5 p, S pline, Exponential 5P, Polynomial 5P, Auto choose the best fittest calibration curve
QC type : Real time QC, day to day QC
QC chart : L-j cumulative sum check, twin plot
QC rule : Customized QC rule in order to adapt different items requirement

Operational Systems

Operational system : Vista, windows Xp, Wndows 2000
Memory : Auto save and recover the results
Report Format : Customized report format
Status check : Real time check the working status of the analyzer

Power / Dimension

Voltage : AC 85 V ~ 26 V, 55 Hz +/- 8 Hz, Auto adaption according to the input voltage
Power : < 350 VA
Dimension : 850mm x 650mm x 7067mm {L X H X H}
Net Weight : 90Kg

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