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 Air Steriliser
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Air Steriliser

Cecon Room Air Sterilizer with it’s exclusive three stage Air Purification and delivery control module is not only designed to produce high efficiency performance particulate and Odors removal but also increase air charges which are essential for clean & healthy environment required in these areas. Besides this various indoor air pollutants released from furniture, upholstery, drapery and carpet fabrics can produce irritating and health threatening allergens. Dust, pollen, smoke and odors are mong the common contaminants that need to be removed from the air we breathe and this compact high efficiency air cleaning system is designed to do that.

Main Features

> Compact light weight body made with ABS. Plastic & maintenance free
> Centrifugal blower on double ball bearing ensures noise free operation with low power consumption of 130 Watts only
> Oscillating louvers for uniform distribution of cool, clean and ionized air
> Unique self cleaning filter belt
> High power air ionizer for air purification
> Washable pre-filter with optional choice of activated charcoal filter
> Caster wheel for easy mobility


> Operation Theatre
> Clinical & Research Laboratories
> Infant Recovery Area
> Intensive Care Unit (I.C.U.)
> Burn and Infections Disease Patients Ward
> Tissue Culture Room
> Labour Room
>T.B./Asthmatic and General Patient Ward
> Veterinary Hospital



Floor Model

Microprocessor Controlled Model

 Body Size

685 x 380 x 280 mm.

825 x 380 x 255 mm.


10 Kg. approx.

5 Kg. approx.

 Rated Capacity

2500 cu.ft.

1000 cu.ft.

 Power Requirement -




4 Watts

1.5 Watts

Main Unit 

125 Watts / 220 v 50 Hz.

70 Watts / 220 v AC

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