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   Rh viewing box
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Rh viewing box

A gentle touch pivots view box easily. The soft, glare-free light provides optimal intensity for blood typing and cross matching. Light intensity is independent of the temperature control. The extruded aluminum case is sturdy and easy to keep clean. View area measures 91/2 x 31/8 in. Overall dimensions are 13W x 4D x 4 in.H. Complete with three-wire cord and plug. For 120V, 50/60 Hz, 30w.
Meets the Rh slide test standards set by the American Association of Blood Banks. Rh slide attains prescribed temperature, from 37° to 39°C, within two minutes. The view-area calibration range is from 45° to 50°C. Temperature is adjusted by merely turning a knob. Built-in temperature indicator assures accurate and easy readings. Meets the Rh slide test standards set by the AABB.



• Blood typing
• Rh determinations
• Warming slides for Gram’s stain
• Tissue typing
• Reading enzyme antibody screens in micro plates

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