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Emulsifiers & Homoginisers

Designed for homogenization, emulsification and dispersion and mixing of fluids at high speed. The user has a choice of selecting from AC Drive or AC/ DC Drive with stepless speed regulations
for continuous variation of speed as per requirements.


RO-127A/D suitable for homogenizing of tissues at high speed available, Chunck to hold shaft upto 10mm dia. fitted with Teflon grinding pestle. 50 ml. Glass homogenising cup with rod supplied as standard, optional available 5 ml, 15 ml, 25 ml. & 100 ml.

RQ-127/D, RQ-130/D, RQ-130B/D are with AC/DC mtors, these unots are 3 bladed impeller (optional saw cutter) housed in flange type cage. Optional digital speed indicator for precise setting of speed.

RQ-140/DE specially designed brushless AC variable speed Emulsifier driven by frequency inverter to ensure reproducible speed with any load. Steady & constant speed ideal for solution that change viscosity during mixing. Emulsifier has built in digital RPM indicator for process validation and reproducibility.

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