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  Ultra Low Freezer- 80 °C &- 86 °C
Blood Bank Equipments



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Ultra Low Freezer- 80 °C &- 86 °C

Model: JA DF - 80
Jove Automations Make Deep Freezer is used for plasma storage and blood products under controlled temperature with upright design.
Temperature control range from -50 degree C to -86 degree C adjustable with setting accuracy of + 0.1 degree C.
Temperature Holding Time with FULL Load: Minimum 120 Minutes in case of power failure.
Temperature Cooling Down Time With FULL Load: Maximum 300 minutes at 25 Deg C to reach below - 20 degree C.
The JA DF series have high density Polyurethane foam insulation of 125 mm to protect cabinet from ambient temperature fluctuation.
The system have hermetically sealed compressor, air cooled cascade refrigeration system with ideal running time with CFC free refrigerant and automatic defrost facility.
Access port for CO2 back up system for refrigeration.


Control System:
Microprocessor Based Controller with Digital Temperature Display of Temperature in Centigrade With Microprocessor base single channel Real time Data Logger.: Temperature Range selectable with setting accuracy of + 0.1 degree C. Logging time from 1 min to 99 Min selectable. Memory of 1000 counts with alarm history. Communication port – Rs. 232 or Rs 485. Centronics Port – for dot matrix printer.Suitable for external monitoring. With Window base software. Analysis of word print and graph.

User parameter settings - Set point, Audio Visual Alarm system for Over and Under temperature, Buzzer Off.

Audio Visual alarm system for temperature fluctuation and power failure is independent of power Supply. Suitable battery back up of 4 hours including charger for Temperature Controller, Data logger & alarm to check temperature conditions during power failure.

Seven days inkless graphic temperature recorder with Temperature range 0 deg C to - 50 deg C
Performance is independent of electrical fluctuation. Control system with two temperature sensors & independent safety thermostat to avoid negative temperature.

Construction :

Outside : C. R. sheet of, Duly Powder Coated after Seven Tank Surface treatment.
Inside : Non- Magnetic AISI 304 Stainless Steel with properly Perforated & internal lighting.
Drawers : Rolled out type Stainless steel with inventory racks.
Copper : Interior Copper of refrigerator confirming to ASTMB Grade 68.
Door : Thickness 100 mm Polyurethane insulation.Automatic Front door closing below door opening angle of 90 with Door locks.
Inner door to prevent loss of cold air.
Door opening audio & visual display alarm.
Lockable Castor Wheel provided for Easy Mobility for Installation.
Constructed for Noise free and Vibration free performance with condensation free frame.

Input Voltage : 220/240 AC Volts, 50 Hz/1Phase A Line Voltage Corrector: Input Voltage: 160V-260V, 50Hz /1 Phase.
Output Voltage : 220v-240v AC Volts.

Model Capacity Drawer Size Weight
JA DF -80 400 Ltrs 6 Nos. Inner: H(1320mm) x W(510mm) x L (560mm)
  Outer: H(2100mm) x W(830mm) x L (810mm)
160 Kg
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